04 May 2007

Lenins 'N Things

Most of you by this point are aware of my somewhat unusual hobby of collecting busts and statues of Lenin. If this is news to you, then you haven't been paying very close attention, have you? It's OK, I don't blame you. Or, if you're a newcomer and need to catch up, you can read all about my hobby HERE

Nonetheless, as promised (and at the constant prodding of Comrade Tornadochka), I've finally put up a photo gallery with all the Lenins. Enjoy if you dare. Here's my favorite one:

While we're on the subject of Russian leaders, I was visiting with the 95 year-old woman who lives next door a couple nights ago. I decided to ask her a provocative question:

"Vera Ivanovna, tell me who, in your opinion, is the best leader Russia has ever had. It can be a Tsar, a Soviet leader, a contemporary leader. Who's the best?"

Of course, I was fishing for the expected answer: longing for the good ol' days, maybe she'd answer Brezhnev. Or maybe she's a true "order and stability" comrade and would answer Stalin. But then again, maybe a liberal streak in her would answer with Khrushchev. Or maybe she would reach farther back into the pantheon of Russian Tsars to select someone like Alexander II (who freed the serfs) or Peter the Great.

That's what I expected. Her answer, however, was quite unexpected:

"You know, we really haven't had any good leaders to speak of."

And that was that.


amelia said...

i love the gallery. love! it! yay!

Lyndon said...

That is a wise old woman indeed.