02 April 2007

Технический Перерыв

As you may know from my previous post, I'm taking a little break from Russia for a couple of weeks. Thus, I'll follow in the wise footsteps of my friend Lyndon at Scraps of Moscow and declare a brief "технический перерыв" (tekhnicheskii pereryv).

In a post dedicated to the subject, Lyndon provides a variety of technical definitions for the term:

Деловая лексика (business lexicon):
перерыв по техническим причинам - interruption for technical reasons

Техника (equipment):
перерыв по техническим причинам - maintenance outage

Телекоммуникации (telecommunications):
перерыв по техническим причинам - out-of-service

But of course, in Russia, there is often a gap between practice and theory. Lyndon writes:

"In practice, though, as anyone who's ever needed to (just for example) urgently change money in a one-exchange-booth town knows, it's a phenomenon that can occur at any time, although generally at an inconvenient time, and for just about any reason. One cashier and she has to take a bathroom break? "Tekhnicheskii pereryv." The paper receipt roll in the cash register ran out? "Tekhnicheskii pereryv." Smoke break? "Tekhnicheskii pereryv." You get the point."

And so, I'm going on my own технический перерыв for the next couple of weeks. It's possible that I'll be able to sit down and write a bit, as I'm sure I'll be wide awake in the middle of the night for the first few days. But even if I don't manage that, I can assure readers that there are a lot more stories rolling around in my head, waiting to be liberated upon my return to the Motherland.

До скорого,


Lyndon said...

Thanks for the shout-out. That has been one of my favorite posts. Can I humbly ask you to correct the spelling of my name in its first occurrence? It's a common mistake people make with my name, although I can never figure out why. Thanks.

And beautiful previous post on the dueling identities. I know the feeling well.

Rubashov said...

Duly noted and corrected! My apologies for the typo- I blame my high school typing teacher!

Lyndon said...

Thanks - as I said, you're definitely not the first. Anyway, you'll be missed here in the 'sphere. Especially after posts like that "Dueling Identities" one. Very tight - put into words some of the very thoughts I've had in the past while living there. Come back soon.