04 March 2007

Somewhere beyond the sea...

I was pleased to learn yesterday that Moscow boasts its very own aquarium, complete with black-tip sharks. It should be pointed out that their brocure, however is a little misleading, as it features the gaping jaws of a great white shark. In fact, it was host fam's granddaughter who informed me of the aquarium's existence:

"So what did you do today, Ksenia?"
"We went to the AQUARIUM!" she exclaimed, bursting with excitement. "We saw all kind of fish, and there were sharks, and you have to pay extra to see them, and there are other fish with the sharks, and I think it's 50 rubles, and...[here I lose the trail].

A couple minutes later: "...and I have a new brother too."
"What, from the aquarium?" I teased her.
"No, mom gave birth today!" This wasn't a total shock, as I had seen Ksenia's mother the night before and she looked ready to explode.

I'll have to confess I was almost as excited as she was. About the aquarium, that is. As the Mrs. can tell you, I rather fancy aquariums. Besides, my recent experience with the ukha had left me longing for at least the sight of fresh fish. They don't come any fresher than alive, so off to the aquarium I went.

I'll confess that the aquarium was nice, but nothing to write home about (in which case I'm not sure why I'm writing home about it). Ah, right, now I remember: It seems the aquarium also doubles as a pet shop, as most of its residents and their habitats are also for sale, their prices posted over the displays.

And who says Russians have lost their appetite for privatization?

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TinyTornado said...

That is AWESOME. You should take pics of the for sale signs and post those on your blog too dude!